- Fashion Photographer/Photo Art Director - 2009 to Present
Creating and developing a full time business linked with the name of LuanaSam. Working and building trust with model Agencies - based Designers and Creative Artists. Luckily I have been published in printed magazines at least once a month in the past year.

- Retoucher 2009 to Present


MASTER in fashion photography 2011
This Master was based on introducing photographers on the real world creating projects from scratch and work all the way to the finished product. I attended different photoshoots following the Art Director through the all process, talking with clients and helping figure out how to deal with last minute setbacks.

The main course was based on learning the technique of the old Engraving - Printmaking. Designing and processing the Zink plate until the stamp - Creating packing and designs for logos and books.
Satellites courses attended
Sculpture in plaster and bronze -Drawing Anatomy from still-life to human being -
Graphic and Architecture

Travel Notice 

From November 3rd

Copenhagen - DK
February 4th to 19th 

Boston - USA


March 7th to 12th

Paris - FR

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