A LookBook is a “Book” of photographs showing a seasonal clothes line of a single Clothes Designer. Lately it has been used by blogger to explain the current style or #OOTD Outfit-Of-The-Day

The setup is simple - What you need is:

- a plain/colorful background 

- one studio light or natural light

- a Model

We can divide the LookBookPhotography into three different category – The “PERSONAL ONE” The model’s body and face is showed and the Client/Buyer will feel more related with the outfit. – “OFF WITH HIS HEAD” Is a little bit more an-personal - The outfit is the center of the image , only the model body and wearing the dress is shown - This will make the Client/Buyer pay more attention to the details rather then the fit –  “NO MODEL” This is the more un-personal type of LookBook let’s say it resemble more a still-life type of picture. Only the clothes are shown without the model - The Client/Buyer is focusing only on the clothes itself without any distraction.

LookBook by LuanaSam Model #MaggieInc. #Devinto

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